~Humble Call~  

Posted by The Muse

Dear Diary, Readers and Friends,
We are a private family and our lives are held close and dear. For this reason I hesitated to do what I am about to do. But I ever so feel the need for help. Help in thought and prayer. Our 8 yr old grandson has been preliminarily diagnosed yesterday with an infectious bone disease. Today they have hospitalized him and are running a battery of tests. A specialist from across the county is converging upon him. We ask you humbly, if you pray, please do so. Even if you do not, lift a warm thought his way. You have never met a more endearing young man. So polite and ever so smart and joyful of heart. He loves sports and is on the wrestling and baseball team. A young man who would return your wallet with all the money inside~who would tell the truth without hesitation. A smiling face that has made this Nanny's heart soar. And a face that has brought me to my knees, as I ask why...and offer pleas for a Christmas gift that could never be wrapped or put beneath a tree. Will you join me? I humbly thank you, and my family thanks you.
Love Muse

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