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blogging, at least for me...has decidedly come to a great crossroads.
do i blog for me?
or for others?
why do i blog?
am i a blogger?
or am i a something else?

i answered in this manner. i want...i need to write...to purge my inner fears...to share my joys...to lift the hearts of others....and came to the realization i did not need a blog per say, to do that.  so i changed my blog to diaries. open for anyone to read, to follow, to subscribe. they simply are not required to respond. if someone wants to or feels moved to contact me...the contact form is there and i answer my emails :)
i twitter, now and then...and offer fb pieces to highlight my work.

the word game blog still exists...and has simply moved to a new address to allow me to own my uploads.
the life/farm/design  diary is up, as well as the prose and the quips for fun.

i say all this not to tell any of you what to do, or to second guess anyone else's choices.
but to offer some knowledge as to the reasons behind my own decision (as so many have privately and publically asked me) :)

many of us have found ourselves all consumed with numbers, at one time or another our heart has dropped or soared with the number movement of subscribers, commentators, readers, and followers....and that became a very scary place for me

number driven anything, including my blogs can become empty....and can lack a soul. a spirit, a true joy, a personal touch. i was not able to visit each and every response with the true care and commitment i so desperately wanted to give.

you can lose yourself in the darkness of blogland...and can be utterly alone, surrounded by hundreds....

it is my hope that by offering you my Gift, a sense of peace can surround me. and those who feel led or touched by the words they read, will always be able to email me...or you may simply tuck the sonnets into your heart and have a truly blessed day.

thank you dear ones.
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Muse's Writing and Poetry (diary)
Muse's Cottage Farm Life (diary)
Muse's Word Games (open blog)
Muse's Culinary Quips (diary)

Each online diary has a Pen A Note form, which goes directly to my private email.
Please feel free to write me anytime. I do hope that each of you are abundantly blessed.

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